Mark Meerssman

Technical Game Designer, owner of Markreel Games

Art by Fannfable

Who am I?

A passionate technical game designer with over 9 years of experience in Unity and C#.

I think of games as a medium of art, where every creation offers a distinctive experience, evoking emotions and provoking thought in the player, whether it be with a clear societal message, or just to bring the player some light-hearted chuckles.

I'm working on bringing my own projects to life through my company: "Markreel Games" and am currently working on a humoristic puzzle game about the silliness of the Dutch language and its proverbs.

You can check out some of my previous work below!

Want to get in touch with me?

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Markreel Games
Personal projects, yet to be released


A 3D puzzle/adventure game with a symbolic narrative about gender and the complexities of life.

It critiques societal binaries through both gameplay and story, inviting players to explore themes of conformity and self-discovery.


Petje af!

A humoristic puzzle game about the silliness of the Dutch language and its proverbs.

I am currently working towards a demo of this game! :)

Released Projects:
Some projects I worked on that have been released!

Ada's Study

A mobile puzzle mystery experience I worked on during my internship at Sherlocked. I was responsible for refactoring a large portion of the code and writing/implementing new systems.


Harald and the Tortoise

A mobile kids game I worked on during my internship at Vincent van Geel. I was independently responsible for all of the programming and all of the implementation of art, audio and UI.


Amor Fati

A challenging transmedial project in which me and my team were tasked to create a theater show/game hybrid. I was responsible for managing a team of 8 and contact between all disciplines.

Be sure to read this article as well, for which I was interviewed!


ProTee Golf

An indoor golf simulator for which I developed and implemented some of the minigame levels during my internship at Alterego Games.


Marvin's Moonbase

A virtual online escape room I worked on during my internship at Sherlocked. I worked on it for the entire design and production process of the project. I co-designed the narrative and the puzzles and was responsible for prototyping and implementing gameplay.

Read about the design and production process of some of the projects I worked on


An environment that depicts how I felt when I experienced my brother getting injured in a firework accident.



A game about the first colony in the Netherlands. Commissioned by the museum "De Proefkolonie", my first official client!


Lonely this Christmas

A mind-boggling, perception-warping VR horror game where the player experiences things that make them question reality.


Ember Rain

An endless runner made in 1 week for the initiative #Games4Australia that me and other students started to raise awareness for the fires in Australia!


Object Pooling

A personal side-project in which I experimented with object pooling.

Rayman Remake

Rayman Combat Remake

A small prototype where I tried to recreate the combat from Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc and add my own little twist ;)

Game Jams
Links to some game jam games I've worked on

U.N.S.T.A.B.L.E. - Ludum Dare 49

A fast-paced, hectic party game where every scenario is based on a sentence formed by using the word UNSTABLE as an acronym. Created for Ludum Dare 49 (Unstable)


The Chasm - Ludum Dare 48

A small atmospheric 3rd person puzzle game created for Ludum Dare 48 (Deeper and Deeper)


Pyro Party! - Ludum Dare 46

A party game where one person tries to light fires while the other tries to extinguish them! Created for Ludum Dare 46 (Keep it Alive)


Color me blind - Ludum Dare 45

An artistic game about how blind people perceive the world around them created for Ludum Dare 45 (Start with nothing)


Kaumaha - Ludum Dare 44

A small island-building game for Ludum Dare 44 (Your life is currency)


More to come...

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